Like Bootcamp --- It wouldn't be the same minus the complaining.

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Anonymous asked: how is it even possible that u have 4 SLs? in my school we're only allowed to have 3 SL. PS: Are you struggling with English A1? I am currently struggling with my English A1 HL, like literally on the edge of breaking down. I keep getting 4 or 5s and I don't know how to get a 7/6. I really applaud you for taking Economics HL! I am currently studying Economics SL and it is the hardest thing in the world.

Yeah I have 4 SL’s, and 3 HL’s. You’re required to have at least 3 HL’s in IB, so yeah. I think Econ HL is pretty easy actually, but it’s probably because I have a really organized teacher, which is something to take advantage of. I think the thing about English A1 is that you need a good teacher as well, I’m not struggling per se, but I’m not doing as well as I wish I could.

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Herroh there guys!

We’re back… finally.

Year 1 is almost over and we’re dealing with EE and final exams and shit.

Who else is super screwed for the end of the year? I am.

Anyways, I’m finally actually updating this blog because my beautiful friends Lara and Tamasyn asked to help me out so I think I can pretty much manage it now with their help.

I would also like to say, I willnothelp you with your work. No. I will not. I will not give you your TOK presentation topic. This blog is to talk about our mutual suffering getting through IB and I have my own to work on for Thursday, actually.

I mean, you could ask Lara, because she’s a super nerd. So yeah. Look our for future posts.


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sufferingfromanexistentialcrisi asked: Hey, as a fellow IB kid I was just curious as to what your classes are.

Yeah, I don’t know if you still want this answered, but I’ll answer it anyway.

I’m in year one, and my HLs are English A1, Economics and Physics. My SLs are Computer Science, Maths and Spanish.

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Hey guys. So because I’m too fucking lazy to do this shit by myself, and because I haven’t officially started IB and I don’t have anything to post, I’ve decided to get my awesome friend veikur to run this blog with me. So yeah. We’ll try to get some posts up soon!